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When Fear Points the Way

Cory Ingram

Okay, so stay with me on this. 

We've all heard that the life you want is just outside of your comfort zone. Fear can sometimes point the way. I think we can sense when we're getting close to something important and that's when we tend to hold ourselves back.

We get overwhelmed.

We may mentally press pause.

We stop moving forward with decisions.

We make ourselves busy to avoid thinking about it - hello distractions.  

This week I want you to write down 1 area in your life where you've been holding back. Maybe you're even frozen, crippled in fear from moving forward. Stop and really examine why. We've all been there.  Remember that not making a decision is actually making a decision.

Forget all the reasons why it won't work and start focusing on all the reasons why it WILL.

This is where we have to be intentional. Stop waiting until we're not afraid. Feel the fear, but do it A N Y W A Y. Action combats fear.

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