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Fresh Start Series: Year in Review #1

Cory Ingram


Welcome to a fresh new year! An entire ‘book’ of blank pages ready to be filled.

A new, unwritten year always give me ‘all the feels’ that anything is possible! I always have the expectant hope that THIS will be our very best year yet! It’s a chance to try new things, a fresh start that begins with getting organized and a few essential purchases to make the year bright.

Week 1: Reflection on your past: Year in Review

We have to learn from and make peace with our past so it doesn’t ruin our future. Download the Fresh Start Guide PDF to write out your Year in Review.

Spend time this week writing down your favorite memories and top achievements. Go back thru your planner, calendar and photos for the year to recall the best moments and see how you did on your goals so you can do more of what makes you happy.

Next, write out lessons learned. What went well, where changes could be made. Spend some time thinking through this.

Lastly, list out what you’re going to do more of (laughing, playing, adventure, praying, being more present, more joy, more daily deciding) and then what you’ll stop doing or do less of in the year ahead. (ie less comparison, less complaining, making excuses, trying to be perfect, hoping for change instead of planning for it, living for other people, worrying about what others think…) Write it down and let it go!

Just jump in and Start where you are!

xo Cory

You spend a lot of time bringing your ideas to life. We make stylish and practical tools with timeless style to make a beautiful life. There is purpose behind every product we make. Our planners are no exception and are made with the heart and attention to detail we're known for.

We absolutely love hearing from our customers on how they like to plan, what works for them and then we incorporate that into the designs. Take a look around, we hope you find something that works for your lifestyle!  

I created this FREE fresh start goal-setting series with the intention that it will propel you to create your vision for your best life.

  1. To clarify the good from the best.

  2. To help you focus so you can achieve the dreams & goals you want most.

  3. To cultivate a life well-loved.