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Heart of the Farm Planner™— created during late nights out of frustration when I couldn't find what she needed to simplify my own life as a full-time project manager, mother and farmer alongside her husband. 

Cory Ingram, a self-taught designer, has created a brand of thoughtfully designed, keepsake quality organizational products, where slow living, faith and family are at the center of it all.

All our products are built on the belief that Modern Farmhouse Living is not just owning a farm, but a way of life and the setting for the very best childhoods. We invite you to be a part of the journey as we bootstrap our own 400 acre farm in the Midwest, while finding margin to Cultivate a Life Well-Loved.  

Life is lived in seasons and we believe life should be lived intentionally, fully & beautifully no matter what season you're in. 

We believe it's worthwhile to make your home a haven for your own heart and for your people.

We believe in seeking out a simpler life on the pages of our calendar; while treasuring the small moments because we all know these really are the big moments we'll treasure in our hearts forever.  

My hope is that you're inspired to Cultivate a Life Well-Loved


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